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Membership Candidate Deliverables and Admission Criteria

Association status, objectives, membership accession, withdrawal and exclusion conditions and procedures are laid down in its Statutes.

The accession process and membership fees are fixed in the regulations.

To join the association, a membership candidate submits to the Board the following documents:

  • Completed Membership Admission Application

  • Filled Membership Questionnaire;

  • A copy of the membership candidate Statutes, if applicable;

  • A copy of the membership candidate annual report for the last financial year, if applicable;

  • Other documents at the applicant's discretion for certifying its compliance with the membership candidates criteria for admission.

Association member candidates admission criteria:

  • Membership candidate is an employer, manufacturer, supplier, research institution or a professional in facility management and / or professional cleaning field;

  • Membership candidate has demonstrated an interest and willingness to contribute actively to the Association goals by participation in its work;

  • Membership candidate has paid in the last concluded financial year personal income tax and social security payments amounting at least EUR 0.12 per 1 turnover euro.

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