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About association

The Professional Cleaning and Facility Management Association of Latvia (LPUAA) is an association of employers, manufacturers, suppliers, research institutions and professionals operating in the field of professional cleaning and facility management.


The association was founded in 2009. Its members are bound by the LPUAA Code of Ethics. The main goal of the association is to solve the common problems of companies in the facility management and professional cleaning sectors with a pragmatic approach, using the advantages of the association as an instrument of socio-political power and a form of cooperation.


The facility management and professional cleaning industry is important for the Latvian economy. By uniting the leading and most advanced companies in the industry and agreeing on the observance of professional standards, together we create favorable conditions for the operation and development of honest cleaning and management companies, as well as a basis for fair competition in the market and raising the industry's prestige.


LPUAA has a wide range of cooperation partners in Latvia - it cooperates with other associations, the State Revenue Service, the State Labor Inspectorate, long-term cooperation has been established with the Procurement Monitoring Bureau. The association is a member of the Latvian Employers' Confederation. LPUAA is the only non-governmental professional cleaning organization in the Baltic States; it represents the interests of the industry in the network of European management organizations EuroFM.


Participants of the Latvian professional cleaning and facility management market are invited to join the LPUAA, so that together we can more effectively ensure the necessary preconditions for the growth of the industry.

Professional Cleaning and Facility Management Association of Latvia members’ main advantages:

  • Opportunity to participate in creating the business environment of your industry by proposing or objecting;

  • Being considered as one of the most active and progressive in the industry, taking on the requirements of the LPUAA Code of Ethics;

  • Participation in opinion formation by providing the public with information from a reliable and independent source;

  • Being informed about industry news, trends in Latvia and the European Union;

  • Participating in EuroFM and other industry events abroad;

  • Discounts for participation in educational events organized by LPUAA;

  • The right to use a reference to membership status and LPUAA logo in your marketing;

  • Receiving analytical information on the industry prepared by LPUAA.

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